Summer Ick

Amazing how a stupid little virus can completely wipe you out and leave you feeling drained for days on end.  Last Tuesday night I started feeling headachy and under the weather, and by Wednesday morning I had full on body aches, fever, fatigue, headache, and chills.  I finally got rid of the fever Friday morning during a good nap (after not sleeping for 2 nights because of the fever), but still do not feel like myself.  I’ve been slowly able to eat more and more, but the brain fog is tricky and I’m exhausted.  Plus, I’m on my own as of yesterday afternoon because Josh is traveling for work.  The kids had to deal with a very tired, sick, and cranky mommy yesterday. I think they’ll survive.


I’m just hoping for an easy pick up and counting on Enzo’s love of cereal to make for an easy dinner so I can try and crash as early as possible.  I’m sure he’s more than capable of changing a diaper by now, right?  Ugh. I’m never getting sick again, it’s just not doable.  I just have to somehow find the energy to get through the next few hours and hope that tomorrow I’ll wake up feeling better. Granted, that didn’t happen today, but one never knows.  However, the kids both have a nasty cough, so I could be up tonight either way.  Ah, parenting. Being sick is definitely one of those times when I miss being single and responible only for myself.


Despite pushing my buttons more than usual (out of boredom), Enzo has been a pretty good little helper when it comes to his sister.  They’re both watching more TV than usual (not my favorite), but one does what one must during desparate times.  I’m just glad that the worst of this flu didn’t hit this week while Josh is away – now that would have been bad. So, it could always be worse.  And on that note… that is my reason for being away. Hopefully life will get back on track soon.