Blueberry Vanilla Cheesecake Ice Cream

Does anyone else spend way too much time on Pinterest looking at super yummy recipes?  I only wish I had more time to try them all. Recently, though, I realized I had just about everything we needed to make this ice cream that I had pinned and figured I might as well. So, once the kids were down, I made Blueberry Vanilla Cheesecake Ice Cream.


The first thing you’ll probably notice is that my ice cream is not purple, and that was because I decided to not really mash the blueberries very much.  Leaving the blueberries whole means that you get these frozen balls of awesome in almost every bite that burst with a bunch of flavor versus mushy blueberries that have no flavor at all. Your call. I also knew how much Enzo loves frozen blueberries and figured he’d enjoy them in their whole form. Anytime I make smoothies, I can count on Enzo to carefully pluck out the frozen blueberries and pop them into his mouth. They’re one of his favorite snacks.


Anyhoo, was the ice cream good?  It was actually really tasty, and now I think strawberry cheesecake ice cream would be an equally brilliant idea.

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