Munchkin Meals – 2 years old & 9 months

Linking up this week for Munchkin Meals again!

I’m not gonna lie, we’ve been in a food rut lately and are trying to find some new meals to mix in with our favorites, as well as ways in general to just get our picky toddler to eat something besides cereal bars (his favorite).

ToddlerGBeans  BLWGreenBeans

Actually, he’s been doing pretty good and sometimes will completely surprise us by suddenly eating something he’s been politely refusing for several months (which is why we continue to keep offering it).  Things like green beans or even meatballs.

PorkLoinNom NoodleNoms


Phoebe continues to try just about everything and loves her meat.  Most recently she enjoyed some pork loin, chicken, and really went to town on a piece of steak.  I really just love that she’ll try everything, and really think about whether or not she wants more. She’ll kind of hold it in her mouth and might even go back for seconds before making a decision.


I think most surprisingly, Phoebe hasn’t gotten as much into pasta as I would have thought. Could it possibly be too messy?  Or maybe it’s a texture thing. Either way, her brother doesn’t mind the mess.


I’ve also gotten really good at tiny omelets, which is a good thing because lady has decided more and more that she either wants to feed herself anything purreed or mushy, or she doesn’t want it at all.  I’m running low on ideas on what to feed her and send to day care since she is also still toothless. Still!


It seems like I had so many more ideas with Enzo… and more time.  Plus, I want to say he definitely had teeth by now, so that’s been throwing me a tad.  I know she’ll get them soon enough and her gums are pretty strong, but unless I can convince day care to give her the spoon, I’m going to need some new solid food ideas.



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  1. Sharon

    I love love love the little dimpled fingers and the smiles, I am so happy she is a good eater and spaghetti sauce looks good on your son 🙂

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