Toddler Talk

I’ve said it before, but two really is turning into such a fun age, especially in terms of language skills. Right now Enzo is also a really good reflection of who he is around and apparently I say “Okay” a lot.  Whoops.  So, now he also has taken to saying, “Okay,” but he does it in this great sing-songy way.


“Okay, Mommy, I will do this!”  or “Watch Epic now, okay?”

I love hearing about Enzo’s day on the car ride home, and now when I ask him if he had a good day, he’ll tell me at least one thing that he did (which usually revolves around something they did outside). “I play with Bentley on the motorcycle” is a popular one, but he also really likes his teachers and often asks to play with Miss Tammy or Miss Carlee or Miss Amanda.


Enzo has also decided that he makes an excellent backseat driver. “Go this way, Mommy!” or “Mommy, go around dump truck!”  I haven’t quite figured out how to explain what a no passing zone is to him yet.  He’s also really great at repeating the Garmin, so if you’re worried about whether or not you heard that street name right – fear not!  Enzo heard it and will gladly remind you where you are supposed to turn. 😉


On the plus side, our toddler is very polite and usually remembers to say “please” and “thank you” and this morning as he was leaving the house?  “Have a good day, Mommy!”  Ha ha.

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