9 Months Old

Our little lady is officially 9 months old today!  Tomorrow she’ll get her vaccinations, but I have a feeling she’ll handle it well as she does with most things.  She rarely cries, but when she does, talk about crocodile tears.  They’re kind of the saddest thing ever.  Anyhoo.


At 9 months old, Phoebe continues to surprise us.  We thought for sure she’d be crawling everywhere by now, but instead she has decided not to.  She gets around by scooting and rolling and other means, but she is more interested in trying to pull herself up on everything.  She has pretty good leg strength, but can’t quite get her legs underneath yet.  We actually had to move her crib down because after we put her down she kept sitting up and trying to pull herself up on the side and we didn’t want to risk her figuring out the leg thing in the middle of the night and have her topple out.  At this point it’s hard to say what her next milestone will be since Enzo followed the standard roll, scoot, crawl, pull to stand, walk agenda.  Baby girl seems determined to just do whatever, which is perfectly fine with us.  I’m not exactly in a hurry to have two small children under foot, you know? It’s nice that I can still put her in the living room and know that if I walk away for a few minutes she will still be within 5 feet of where I put her. :p


As far as babbling goes, she definitely likes to hear herself talk and finally started saying “Mama” a couple of weeks ago. Granted, she’s just saying it for now and isn’t saying it to me, but it’s a start!  I love listening to her experiment with sounds and attempt to talk with us. Enzo will also repeat noises back to her and they sit and babble back and forth. He thinks it’s pretty funny and is also enjoying interacting with his sister more and more.


While Phoebe has always been very independent, she is beginning to have more and more of those moments where she doesn’t want to be put down and gets rather sad if she can’t be held.  I’m so grateful that she’ll sit in the carrier and not fuss during those moments. While these moments of clinginess don’t always happen at the most convenient of times, they are very endearing.


We’ve been rather busy, but try to make it a point to get out and about, even if for just short evening walks. Phoebe loves being outside and one of her favorite things is watching tree leaves rustle in a breeze.  I’ve told her that one day we’ll take her to Colorado so she can stand with me under the aspens.  I think she’d be in absolute heaven.


Oh, Miss Phoebe, what joy you bring us all!