The Doldrums

I think January is always the hardest month of the year… especially this year, though. Now that it’s February I think things are looking up, even if it is pretty cold still.  I wish I could say we’ve been out doing all kinds of awesome things, but we really haven’t been up to much.  Since it seems like the weather is going to be warming up (hey, above freezing will be a huge improvement) I think we’re going to try and think of some excursions to go on.

In the meantime, I’m just really glad I have more energy again, so I can make things like homemade blueberry pancakes and other things as well.  I could tell Enzo was getting bored after the same easy foods for far too long… try telling a 9 month old you just don’t have the energy to be creative, though. 😉


We are looking forward to a little adventure of our own, though.  Enzo and I are headed to Colorado Springs in less than two weeks!  Josh is staying home this time since he had to use so much vacation time this past month due to his surgery and being sick, and I probably shouldn’t be using anymore vacation time since I also used so much this past month due to being sick… but I don’t care!  I need this vacation for my mental health and I’m so excited to see family.  I think Enzo is looking forward to it as well.  It’s kind of funny because I’ve never actually flown anywhere on my own before… and now I’ll be doing it with a baby. I think he’ll be okay since he do so well last time, but he’s a lot more active now, so it could also be very interesting.  Let’s hope for awesome seatmates. :p

Who couldn’t love this face, though?


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