Munchkin Meals: 9 Months

The internet is so helpful in terms of finding food ideas that work for our entire family.  I hadn’t realized just how often Josh and I used to eat processed foods or take out and a lot of that was not stuff I’d want Enzo to eat.  Thankfully I’ve found blogs like A Healthy Slice of Life and I’m linking up with her for her Munchkin Series.

Enzo really isn’t a big eater, so we try not to give him too much solid food since he still gets most of his nutrients from formula.

Because Enzo is at day care 5 days a week, he usually eats Breakfast there.  Generally I’ll pick something fast and easy and often combine it with something we made over the weekend or more often he’ll eat oatmeal combined with fruit – he’s gotten so good with feeding himself with a spoon, though he still needs someone to load it for him. 😉  His latest favorite is grapes for breakfast, and bluberries, and we often do a banana when I’m in a hurry.  He’s also still a big fan of kiwi and mango.  As far as other go-to breakfast foods right now, omelets are a good one as well as whole wheat blueberry pancakes and toast with a little cream cheese or pureed fruit spread.


Lunch is often harder for me to get creative with, so a lot of the time it’s some leftovers from the previous night’s dinner.  He still enjoys broccoli, green beans, and sweet potato fries, and he’s been enjoying black beans and rice (we did burritos the other night).  Pasta is also a great go-to tossed with olive oil and some parmesan cheese and a veggie.  His favorite meat seemed to be chicken… that is until last night.


For dinner we try to do a balanced meal with a veggie or two and some protein.  We’ve been doing a lot of chicken since that’s my favorite and was Enzo’s.  Josh also made burgers the other night, and cooked up some mini patties for Enzo to eat. Last night, however, we made salmon and had some mixed veggies (corn, carrots, and green beans).  We started him out with a small serving, not sure how it would go, but the kid scarfed down the salmon!  He LOVED it.  I waited to give him more until he had some veggies because as soon as we dropped more salmon on his tray, he’d drop whatever veggie was in his hand and immediately go for the fish. I’ve never seen the kid eat so much before in one sitting!  It was awesome to see him enjoy it so much.

Salmon1 Salmon2

Time to step it up a notch since apparently we’ve been boring him!

6 thoughts on “Munchkin Meals: 9 Months

  1. Brittany (Healthy Slice of Life)

    If he is going to love a food, salmon sure is a great one for him to gobble up!
    I saw you mentioned toast for breakfast- to you cut it into little pieces or strips? I’ll spread peanut butter on toast, but then it is so hard to cut into tiny pieces without it becoming a mess!

    Thanks for sharing 🙂

    1. hmshoberg

      I generally leave the toast in strips since as you mentioned, it gets kind of messy and hard to cut into tiny pieces once you spread something on top. 🙂

  2. MillCityMama

    So great that Enzo will eat off of a spoon. Once Ada figured out that she could get more in if we fed her, she stopped wanting to take the spoon! So now, we have the reverse issue most parents have…trying to force the loaded spoon into her hands. 🙂

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