The Secret Life Of Bees

I joined a book club recently and the first book of choice was ‘The Secret Life of Bees’ by Sue Monk Kid. We had our first meeting last Thursday, and I enjoyed it. I felt awkward at first, as always when meeting with a group of strangers, but I think by the next meeting I’ll find it easier to join in. As for the book itself, it was good. It takes place in the 60s and is about several women, one of whom is a young white girl Lily who ends up breaking the woman who looks after her Rosaleen out of jail, who happens to be black and the two of them run away to the small town of Tiburon, led there by a picture that Lily’s mother (who is deceased) left behind. It ends up being a label for a honey jar – Black Madonna Honey and ultimately leads the two to the women who are behind the honey. It’s a very heart-felt book and you feel a bond with the group of women you’re introduced to. They all have various troubles and problems and somehow they get through it. It’s a pretty inspiring book about overcoming obstacles and seeing things from different perspectives. You’ll laugh and you might even cry a little – I did and you might even come to have a little bit of respect for the tiny creatures the book is named for. Generally I don’t care for bees, but I definitely feel a bit differently about them now.

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  1. BreezyAnne-a + Fam

    I need to find more time to read! I have been reading the same book since last get to read about one chapter a month. lol maybe I will finish it this coming May…Sounds like a very good book though.. maybe I can put it on my list.

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