Thanksgiving went better than expected, all things considered. We also officially have finished all of our Christmas shopping, so now to pay off bills! :p Josh and I decorated stockings for each other the other night and we’ll probably be shipping off presents soon since they are overflowing around our little tree. It’s so much fun shopping for presents and wrapping them up. I’ll probably get some catnip filled toys for the cats, though, those will be a last minute gift or else they’ll just get ripped open early. :p Yes, I know, it’s probably extremely silly to include your cats in Christmas morning, but they’ll both have so much fun playing in the discarded wrapping paper and boxes.

In other events I have been offered a permanent place at my current temp job, which really couldn’t come at a more perfect time. I’m going to be making about 25 cents more than I was making at my job that I left in Durango after four years. Not bad. Combined with my second job I should be able to pay off a lot of bills and put some money into savings, which will be so helpful. I’m getting used to the second job, it’s only around 12-15 hours a week, which I don’t know if that’s going to be enough or not, but to begin with, that’s okay. I’ve got to ease into working the extra hours.

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  1. BreezyAnne-a + Fam

    Hey! Growing up I always use to make all the animals we had gifts! And even made one Dog its own stocking! So No, it’s not silly at all! They are family after all! 🙂 So glad things are going good for you!!

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