The Time Traveler’s Wife

I think this is the second time this year that I’ve read this book and it’s just as good. I’ll try not to give too much away in my description either. Henry DeTamble is a time-traveler. He doesn’t use a machine, but it’s actually a genetic disease, which I thought was kind of a nice twist. Often brought about by stress and without warning he will suddenly and instantly vanish and travel backward or forward in time, often running into himself and people he knows. It is also in this manner that he meets Clare Abshire as a young girl. Through her youth he time travels to a meadow near her home and Clare learns that this is the man she will one day marry. It’s really a very romantic book, but not in a super mushy sort of way. There is heartbreak and passion and if you’re anything like me, you’ll cry when you read it. There were moments where my heart just broke for Clare and Henry. I recommend a nice lighthearted read after, but even several days after I finished, it’s fresh in my mind, and I think that Audrey Niffenegger has a very good future as a writer.

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  1. jeffgo

    The decorations look great! And I would think that Minnesota in Winter is the perfect place to do some reading. ;-)That’s awesome that you were offered a permanent job! It’s not surprising, of course, being an intelligent and personable girl.But you’ve effectively gotten a raise too… in this economy? Wow. Way to go! Keep paying down debt, save, and dont forget to have a little fun with those hard-earned dollars!!:-)

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