The simple things

It never ceases to amuse me how Enzo will find some random object to be the most awesome thing ever.  Obviously things like boxes and blankets rank pretty high, but the other day it was my rolling pin.


Not entirely sure why… but this isn’t the first time. The last time he got a hold of the rolling pin, he took it out on the deck (we didn’t realize he had it) and Josh found it the next day when he was mowing the lawn.  I guess he decided to toss it over the railing.  Toddlers.




I guess I should stop spending money on actual toys and just let him peruse the kitchen and rest of the house for the next object of obsession.  Whatever gets him out of the sink.  Yeah, lately he just wants to hang out in our bathroom sink, which is fine while I’m getting ready for work, but I don’t exactly want to hang out in the bathroom all the time.


Oh, toddlers.

One thought on “The simple things

  1. Sharon

    LMAO, that is hilarious, at first I thought he was using the rolling pin as an oar but then he liked to watch it go down the slide. Silly kids what will they think of next.

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