Week 30

This was a rough week for sure.  Not so much pregnancy-wise, although I’ve decided it’s definitely time to find a chiropractor. I’d love to go to the chiropractor I went to when I was pregnant with Enzo, but alas… since my work office moved, I’m no longer near her office.  I’m definitely more achy and I’m at that point where regular adjustments would be so helpful.

Week 30

Anyway, the week was a little on the rough side with Enzo being under the weather for most of it – starting on Wednesday.  He just wasn’t himself and was extra snuggly and not eating or drinking and he had a low-grade fever.  His tummy was bothering him, and we figured teething also had something to do with things, but decided to take him to the doctor on Friday when things hadn’t really improved.  The doctor confirmed that he had teeth coming in and a red throat, but he tested negative for strep, so all we could do was take him home again and just let him do what he needed – sleep, and feed him whatever he’d eat and keep offering fluids.  Well, he seemed to perk up and was acting more like himself until Saturday night when he woke up screaming.  Our first thought was a night terror, which he’s had before, but usually after a minute or so, he’ll calm down.  That wasn’t happening this time.  We tried to pick him up to calm him, but he’d thrash his body and try and push himself out of our arms, so we’d try and lay him down – well when we did that, he’d do the same thing.  It was at this time I called my mom while Josh got dressed – I always call my mom in case there’s something rational we haven’t thought of – but she agreed – the hospital was the best idea.  By the time we got into the car, Enzo had calmed down, but he definitely wasn’t himself. He just sat perfectly still the entire drive, and didn’t move much until we got admitted.  Long story short (too late?) there was definitely fluid in his ears and his left one was especially red and angry.  So, they gave him some numbing drops for his ears and ibuprofen and we went home.  He definitely didn’t sleep well the rest of the night, though, and even last night he fussed several times, but we’re taking the doctor’s advice and not giving him antibiotics unless it gets worse, and he seems to be okay today.

Week 30-2

So, we’ve got one cranky, teething toddler who is getting over an ear infection, and two very exhausted parents in our household.  We’ve also got a busy week ahead of us as the house needs to be readied for painting on Thursday.  Don’t ask me how we’re going to get it all done.

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