Things They Say

I feel like Phoebe’s vocabulary has exploded and now she’s talking in short sentences a good deal of the time.  She mimics just about everything and good grief it’s adorable.  Like when she tries to get Enzo to chase her during dinner saying, “Come get me!” in her super sweet tiny voice that doesn’t quite have the pronunciation down yet.


Some other adorable things she’s saying:

  • “Where ____ go?” For a while it was constantly “Where Aubee go?” (Aubrey is her cousin).
  • “Ee you ater.” (See you later).
  • “I got it” or “I did it”.
  • “Chocolate milk”. Her version barely sounds like chocolate, but we unfortunately introduced her to the magical stuff and she’s addicted.  Mind you, she prefers the super sweet bought from the store kind in the brown jug.  If you try to pull out the white jug and add chocolate syrup expect a wee bit of a meltdown while you try to explain you are in fact getting her chocolate milk.
  • “I farted!” The joys of having an older brother…
  • Singing the ABC song. She misses some here and there, but loves to try and recite her ABC’s.
  • And my favorite: “Uv Oo.”  (Love you).


While Enzo already has a fairly big vocabulary it’s been fun watching him add to it and also use longer sentences as well as listen to how creative he can be.  He’s also been talking more about emotions lately and we’ve been trying to encourage him to express how he’s feeling.  Unfortunately, he’s been going through an “I’m scared” stage.  Sometimes I think he’s just stalling because it comes up when it’s time to go to preschool or time to go to bed, but at times I do think he’s maybe a little anxious or nervous about things.  When he’s not feeling scared, though, he’s usually very empathetic and if someone is sad he’ll try and think of something to make them “So much happy.”


  • So much potty talk still… sigh. Especially “Poopy Butt or Pee-pee Butt.”
  • “Watch this! Watch this!” His new favorite phrase.
  • “Buitar.” He won an inflatable guitar at the fair.
  • “Why?” My least favorite word.  Ha ha.

Recent conversations:

Me: “Why are you guys yelling?”

Enzo: “Because we like you, Mommy!”


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