Toddler Talk

It’s hard to keep track of everything these two kids say and do, but here are a few that stick out in my mind as of late. Also, you may notice more pictures of Phoebe than Enzo lately and in the future… he hasn’t been as interested in having his picture taken, so I respect that. Also, there are days when he’s just moving too much and it’s hard to take a picture that isn’t really blurry. 😉


From Enzo:

“Did you get a haircut?” This was before I had actually gotten a haircut, so I said “No” and he proceeded to walk around me in a very discerning manner.

“Oh, I’m sorry, Mommy.”  So cute, especially when he apologizes for things that are out of his control and he didn’t do.

“I don’t know!” (It’s the way he says this one that gets me).


And now for Josh’s personal favorite.  Enzo has a large Buzz Lightyear toy that lights up and talks and one phrase in particular is very funny to Enzo.

“Buzz Lightyear, reporting for duty!”  Hahahaha – Doodie!



For Phoebe:

She really, really wants to talk and attempts to repeat what you say.  We can often make out what she’s saying… but not necessarily everyone else can. You can definitely make out “All Done” and “Peese” (with accompanying sign language), though.

She points to herself and says, “BeeBee” as well as uses a lot of gestures to point to things she wants and shakes her head yes or no, especially if I don’t pick the right book to read. She also points to us and says “Mama” and “Daddy.”

She has also been trying to sing Twinkle Twinkle, Little Star with me, which is pretty adorable.


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