Week 19

Well, here we are – almost halfway there and in just a few days we’ll know what to call the belly, but we’re keeping the name a secret for a while, so it’ll be Baby Boy or Baby Girl to everyone else. :p


Pregnancy has been pretty good so far… once we got out of the first trimester I stopped getting nauseous and got some of my energy back, which was nice. I am, however, starting to already feel a little off-balance, which probably isn’t good considering how clumsy I am on a normal basis.  While this time of year is normally a little difficult for me mentally, baby hormones haven’t been helping, so I’ve been feeling a bit more down and out than normal.  It definitely helps having Josh be so excited for the holidays and decorating, though. The cheerful glow of twinkle lights have made things seem a little less dark, and I’m hoping all of the crazy hormones will even out a bit and I’ll be my old self again.


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