Week 28 (a little late)

Things are definitely different this time around with number 2.  On the down side I have a lot more spider veins, which sucks and is probably due to my job that leaves me sitting more often than when I was pregnant with Enzo, and apparently that old wive’s tale that a girl steals your beauty is somewhat true.  I have so much acne… I feel like I’m a teenager again.  On the plus side, my heartburn doesn’t seem as bad, though that could change, and while my sciatic acts up, I want to say I’ve been more able to fix things on my own this time around with less need for a chiropractor. Granted, I can’t remember when that really hit with Enzo, so I guess it could still get bad again. 😉  I did, however, pass my glucose test and according to Katherine (midwife) our little girl is around 2lbs, and I have really good levels of amniotic fluid (again, also explaining some of my size).  So all is well!

 Week 28

I’m going to try and start doing prenatal yoga again, and some more exercising. I admit, we’ve been so busy that my exercise has really only been in the form of playing with Enzo and doing stuff around the house, or just being exhausted and not really doing anything.  Tsk tsk.  My office has also moved taking away the great walking path I used to go on at lunch time and also making it harder to run errands, so there have been a lot of changes in my routine and in our family routine as Josh is starting to take Enzo to day care more often.  I’m really just hoping to get more settled this month.  The rest of the upstairs gets painted towards the end of month, and then we can focus on getting the nursery ready, and just finally getting the house unpacked and organized.


In the meantime, it’s finding time in the 2 hours before bedtime each night to relax, but also potentially exercise and get things done around the house.  It’s so easy to just skip prental yoga or pilates and cleaning or tidying up to just go and flop in bed like a sea lion…  which is what I often feel like, and know will only get worse as I grow bigger and bigger.  Hooray?  Just kidding. I do feel blessed that I’m able to experience motherhood and it really is a gift to carry this little girl and feel her grow and move each day.


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  1. Sharon

    I always figured that running around after another kid while you were pregnant was enough exercise, so don’t feel real bad if you don’t always get to your yoga. 🙂

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