Week 32

T’was an excellent week that included snow and another visit to the midwives, however this time we got to meet the second midwife we had not met yet (and whom I really like). She was trying to show us how to tell how baby is situated and recommended spinningbabies.com so we’re going to have to actually give that a try this upcoming week and see if we can’t track the Wonton better – he’s a mover.


We also had a fantastic baby shower, which is why I squeezed into my Batman shirt (it was Batman/Wonder Woman themed). Kim did such an amazing job – there was a ton of food and fun games and everyone had a blast, however… we didn’t take one picture. I know, I know… I chalk it up to there being no dull moments so neither of us pulled the camera out, plus it’s hard to balance a camera and yummy food whilst playing games and chatting and opening presents, am I right?  It was a great day and it was nice that so many friends were able to come.  We are lucky in more ways than one.

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