Week 33

It was a good week on the baby front overall.  I feel like I got a lot done this past weekend, and we’re much closer to having the nursery ready to go.  Baby clothes are cute and all, but a pain to fold. :p  At least you can fit a lot in a single load of laundry, though!  As for the baby, we had to have another ultrasound – they wanted to be sure my placenta had moved enough, and it has, which is great news.  Even cooler was getting to see how much Baby Boy has grown.  His eyes were open and we could actually see his eyes moving. The tech was also able to see hair on his little head, and we saw a close up of his ear because he is actually head down – very down and was kind of making it hard for the tech to see what she needed to.  It also didn’t help that our appointment was at 4:15, but we didn’t get called back until 4:45 or so, and by then my full bladder was about to explode on it’s own anyway, but Baby Boy decided it would be great fun to poke and prod at it.  Overall I’m just excited that things seem to be going well and couldn’t feel more lucky.


2 thoughts on “Week 33

  1. Alisha

    Awww…he has hair? That is too cute! Aubrey has some hair now… almost…my poor little bald girl :p You look great by the way! Isn’t it amazing how the body can morph to house these sweet little things?? Did you get any pictures from your ultrasound? I would love to see them if you get a chance…. Love you!! 🙂

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