Week 35

I know, what happened to Week 34?  We’ve been having very busy weekends, and last weekend was no exception, so we kind of just didn’t get around to taking the weekly photo.  We decided to take a couple of baby classes the this weekend and last weekend, so 4 hours last weekend and 8 hours this weekend, which might have been a bit much.  Did we learn anything?  We discovered we already knew a lot of the information presented in the Preparing for Childbirth class, but there were some useful tips and things that we took home – some stuff we hadn’t thought about.  I can’t believe that Sunday is almost over – I feel like I haven’t gotten anything done and there’s so much to do!  I guess I’ll just have to take it one day at a time and try and get a little something completed each night.  Oh well, it was nice to pass up housework and go see a movie instead this morning (The Hunger Games).  I know it’s going to become a lot more difficult to just go and see movies whenever it strikes us in the near future. 😉


One thought on “Week 35

  1. Sharon Hubbs

    It’s almost over and you can enjoy your baby and get your body back. I love you 🙂

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