Week 36

Well, we’re at 36 weeks – technically almost 37 (on Wednesday).  I’m doing weekly appointments with the midwives, so no we just wait an see when our little boy decides to arrive!  I admit I’m nervous, excited, but definitely nervous about becoming a parent. I know Josh is going to be such a good dad, though, and I’m excited at the thought of having a mini Josh.  It still feels somewhat surreal at times, however, that we’ll meeting this tiny person in less than a month.


In other events, we got a lot accomplished this weekend like putting together the baby swing and bouncer and installing the car seat base in my car, as well as putting together a bag to take to the hospital when the time comes.  I still feel like there’s so much to prepare for, but I think overall, we’re pretty much good to go.


(The Care Bears are to keep the cats from jumping up into them).

I also did a little organizing in the baby’s room, so I feel like it’s finally all coming together – the curtains don’t really match, but I kind of ran out of time to make some that do… so for now the baby gets uber girly curtains until I have time to make some or just cave and buy some. :p


One thought on “Week 36

  1. Sharon Hubbs

    I don’t think he will mind the curtains 🙂 It looks like you have everything you need except the baby, but soon.

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