Week 33

Well, our last checkup went well. Baby Girl had flipped and was really low, so the midwife couldn’t feel her head very well – pretty much like her big brother did.  Aside from the PUPPS, my health is well and I’m trying natural remedies to ease things up.  So far the Dandelion Root hasn’t done much, so I upped my dose and we’ll see if anything happens this week.  If it doesn’t ease up I’ll probably stop taking it and look into other ideas.  Grandpa’s Pine Tar Soap has made our master bathroom smell like a campfire… so that takes some getting used to. At least I don’t leave the house smelling like a bonfire. Ha ha.

 Belly Kisses

We unfortunately didn’t get any face shots at our last ultrasound, but we could see her eyes looking around and she was sucking on the toes of one of her feet.  The technician seemed surprised that I could feel her as well as I do since I have an anterior placenta… I’m just glad I do otherwise I think those kicks and jabs would be a lot more distracting then they are now. Ha ha.


And as you may have noticed – no belly shots this week.  Everyone was kind of cranky and out of sorts on Saturday and it slipped our minds on Sunday after running errands and then driving around with Enzo to try and get him to fall asleep and take a nap.  It didn’t work.  Silly little man.