When nothing is new…

It’s been a slow start to Fall here, and due to illness, we’ve been mostly sticking close to home. Both Josh and Enzo caught nasty colds, and Enzo still has a lingering cough and is finishing up antibiotics for yet another ear infection.  With a new baby on the way, as well as Winter, we definitely want to get out a bit this month and next, but also have to finish some things around the house. The next big task is putting together Baby Girl’s dresser and finish some decorating in her room as well as Enzo’s room. Then comes the fun task of washing clothes and readying everything else.


So, yeah, there really hasn’t been much to blog about. Enzo is his delightful self and such a goofball when he’s actually feeling well. Josh introduced him to Hot Wheels this week, and he’s been thoroughly loving those. He’s reached that age where he’s fascinated by big trucks and likes to point them out, and we also finally figured out a few words he’s been saying to us like “Owie,” which is how he says, “Lovey.”  All this time he’s been asking for his Lovey, and we’ve been like, “Are you hurt? Is something wrong?”  Ha ha.  He also started signing more out of the blue, which is really cool.  At dinner he now signs “more,” so they must do it at day care… we had kind of given up at home because he just never really signed back to us.  Pretty cool, though – I love watching him learn and grow as a person, it’s just so awesome.

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