Week 34

We have Baby Girl’s dresser put together and I’ve started the task of clipping tags off clothing and getting everything ready for washing.  Soon her room will be ready and then I imagine we’ll start getting our room ready as she’ll be spending her nights in our room for at least the first 6 months, like we did with Enzo.  Granted, every kiddo is different, so she may decide she’s ready for her own room sooner than that, or perhaps it will be the opposite.  As with Enzo, we’ll have her nap in her crib at least once a day so it’s not a new concept when she starts day care.  I’m looking forward to those lazy naps in the first weeks, though, which I imagine will have her snuggled on my chest as I often did with our little man. I didn’t care if I got nothing accomplished, it was just nice to have those quiet cuddly moments. Fingers crossed this little girl will like carriers, though. Enzo didn’t care for them at all, and it would make life so much easier if our little miss is okay with them.  To each their own… if she’s like her brother, then that’s all there is to it. She may agree to ride in the sling for brief moments (like running through an airport) and that will be okay with me. 😉

 Week 34

As for health – not much has changed.  I go see a chiropractor tomorrow, and our little girl continues to be very squirmy.  Her big brother is definitely more aware of her than I thought he would be. The other night while snacking before dinner he said, “Beebee” and pointed at my belly and wanted me to lift my shirt up so he could offer his spoon to Baby and then proceeded to give belly kisses.  There is something delightfully special about this boy of mine, and despite the fierce kicks he gives when he insists on sharing our bed, I do so love those moments and love waking up and seeing him either sprawled across the mattress or snuggled closely with his Dada.  Those two sure do have a way of melting my heart… granted, it could also be pregnancy hormones. 😉

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  1. Sharon

    No it’s not pregnancy hormones that makes you feel that way, I still feel that way about my babies and I remember very clearly the cuddling part, it is the best.

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