Week 36

It’s been a pretty busy week as we continue to get things ready for Baby Girl’s arrival. I finally got all of her clothes away and we put together the swing and bouncy chair as well. Next we’ll probably set up the co-sleeper and most importantly make sure the car seat is installed and ready to go.  It’ll be good for Enzo to get used to seeing it in the car anyway.

 Week 36

As for me… the PUPPPS is becoming more manageable.  My midwife gave me a prescription for an antihistamine that is supposed to help me sleep, and it does… slightly.  I’ve also upped my dose of dandelion root and have started using Tea Tree Oil as well as Aveeno Eczema lotion and oatmeal baths.  I’ve only been doing all of these together for a few days now, so I do get hit with really nasty itching spells, but dare I say it? I think it might be working. I’ve also been drinking V8 juice every day since some people said that combined with other remedies helped.  I’m so desperate for relief, I’ll try anything.  The biggest thing is just remembering to do everything every day.  I ran out of the house this morning without the dandelion root, so it looks like I need to keep a stash at home and at work so I never miss a dose.  I just really need the last few weeks (if that) to go smoothly without horribly distracting itching getting in the way.

Week 36-2

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