Weekend Recap

It was a surprisingly busy weekend. Saturday morning I had to myself to run errands and ended up all over.  The kids were a little bummed I was doing this shopping run solo, but quickly got over it when Josh said he’d take them downstairs to play on the Wii.  I went to Hobby Lobby and Ikea.  I love Ikea.


When I got home Phoebe was napping, but when she woke up we ended up walking to the library to return something and to check out the little festival that was going on.


The kids played some fun little games and then we walked back home.  We’ve also been playing some Pokemon Go.  Honestly, I think the novelty is already wearing off for me.  We’re busy with the kids and can’t just always go on walks and surprisingly when I’ve gone for walks at lunchtime I haven’t found all that much.  So… yeah.



What randomly decided to go out to eat with the kids. Neither of us had the energy to cook or clean up the kitchen.


Vega has not learned her lesson and is back to walking the deck railing.  She at least seems to be a bit more cautious after her fall however many weeks back.  When I work from home, she is usually my lap kitty, though Uzi will typically visit me as well and get in my face and Ziggy will come rub my ankles. They’re pretty decent workmates, though, one of them was apparently feeling neglected or otherwise and pooped in Phoebe’s room. SIGH.


That’s all I’ve got for the weekend!  This week is going to be very uneventful as we have excessive heat warnings and high humidity to boot.  Yay!