What the kiddos are reading…

It’s no surprise that the kiddos are big readers… not to me anyway.  They’ve been surrounded by books since birth and we’ve always tried to make reading something fun to do.  Books are a part of our bedtime routine, but the kids often ask to be read to throughout the day as well.


As with so many other things they’ll get hooked on one or two books for a few weeks and then switch things up again.  There are definitely those few favorites that stick around, however.  Sandra Boynton is a favorite of most toddlers, I think, and both kids have loved her books.


One of Phoebe’s favorites (since birth) is this classic, though.


We both love the illustrations and the story introduces the seasons.


I got this book for Phoebe because I loved the illustrations as well, and it’s become one of her new favorites too.



Enzo, on the other hand has been enjoying a lot of Little Critter lately as well as a variety of other books.  One of his surprising favorites to carry around, however, is the first How to Train Your Dragon books.  It’s far too long for him to sit through in one sitting and is a bit above his age range, but he loves to pretend to read it himself, as well as other big books.


I can’t even tell you how excited I am to slowly introduce the kids to more and more books as they get older.  I can’t wait to watch them go on new adventures as they turn the pages and to share old favorites with them.


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