Cupcakes and Balance

Let’s get straight to the point… I like cupcakes and most treats that aren’t particularly good for you. I know from a health standpoint I should limit my sugar intake, but that just seems like so much trouble and not much fun either.  We have tried to get healthier over the years – once Enzo turned 6 months old I knew I didn’t want to feed him junk and that I wanted to give him a good start.  So, for both kids we have tried to limit artificial flavorings and artificial dyes as well as preservatives. In the beginning I bought only organic treats/snacks and kept Enzo away from sugary baked goods until he was a year old and even then limited it a lot.


We’ve eased up on strict food rules with time.  While the kids still eat mostly healthy snacks it’s not organic all the time.  I don’t make a meal from scratch every night and the kids often eat Earth’s Best frozen waffles or french toast sticks.  We give them fruit and veggies aplenty and stick to whole grains, but yeah, we do give them some junk.  I used to feel guilty (thank you mommy forums and the internet), but I’m not as hard on myself anymore.


Maybe it’s the wrong reasoning, but I know I grew up on worse and I’m perfectly fine.  My family is generally pretty healthy all things considered, and we’re happy.  One of my favorite ways to treat myself just happens to be with a cupcake… sometimes it’s even one of those cheap grocery store cupcakes, and I let my kids join in on the fun.  I’ve decided it’s all about balance. I figure a cupcake or a cookie won’t undo all the fruits and veggies and actually good food the kids had, plus their eyes light up (much like mine) when I say the word “cupcake.”


Admittedly, I haven’t made as much time lately for exercise or other things thanks to a mental fog that is finally lifting, but now that I’m starting to feel better I’m hoping I can fit in some workout time amidst all of the many projects on various lists.  Also, we’re going to have to start some major sleep training with Phoebe who is pretty much sleeping in our bed ALL the time.  I was fine with her coming to bed in the early morning hours, but now she’s started waking up only a couple hours after putting her down (9:30ish) during Mommy Time, which means I have to stop what I’m doing and generally end up taking her to bed with me so she doesn’t wake her brother up.  Plus if Enzo is fighting bedtime, he may not go down until 8:30, leaving a short window of time to get personal and/or house stuff done in the evenings.  Working out has definitely not made my list of priorities lately… but cupcakes?  Oh yeah. Wine?  Most definitely.


2 thoughts on “Cupcakes and Balance

  1. Sharon

    Everybody needs a cupcake once in awhile. I am kind of hurt that you think I didn’t feed you very healthy 🙂 I did my best and I made most everything from scratch!

  2. Heather

    Oh, you know what I mean. :p Whether or not food was organic didn’t matter as much when we were kids and we drank Kool-aid without anyone worrying about artifical dyes and all that sugar. 😉

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