Mario, Where’s My Coffee!

Almost every day brings new random things with the kiddos, and along with that comes fun new phrases.  Lately Enzo’s imagination has been soaring and he’s at that fun age where you have to watch you say, not that we’ve had anything embarrassing come up… yet. So, from the mouths of the munchkins some of the latest:



  • “Tatty Tale”  Learned at day care. I can only imagine who tattled on who.
  • “It’s too dangerous.”
  • “Mario! Where’s my coffee!”  Random line from his favorite movie right now (The Chipmunk Adventure).  Why this line?  We may never know… but he does a great impression.
  • “Absolutely not.” He used this on me last night when I told him he needed to help clean up.  Absolutely not, indeed, little man.



  • “Memo” (Elmo)
  • “Bubbo” (Bubbles)
  • “Bitsy” (as in Itsy Bitsy Spider)
  • “Eh-zo” (Enzo)
  • “Mine”
  • “Yeah”
  • “No-no”

Phoebe has been trying to copy everything you say, so her vocabulary is really starting to take off, which is so much fun. I think Enzo is enjoying it as well, although sometimes he gets tired of her saying his name or things like “Hi” over and over again and he will tell her to stop or say “No (insert word here).”


Ignore the garbage and mess in the above picture… sometimes we randomly give up tasks (like cleanup) halfway through in order to wrestle or perform some sort of acrobatics on the kitchen floor on a whim.  Having two talkative toddlers is sort of like having tiny dictators at times and sometimes I just give in when they’re demanding fun over responsibility.


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