Friday Funday!

It’s supposed to be glorious this weekend, so we’re going to make the most of it before the temperatures drop back down into the 40s (and potentially 30s).  We haven’t decided what yet, but at the very least we’re grilling ribs and going on some nice walks.  All cleaning shall be postponed, unless my little helper wants to take over again. 😉

MoppingFun MoppingFun2

In the meantime, how about some links?

How to program your brain to stop buying crap.  Was this written for me??

How to move forward despite uncertainty.

I want to live in this giant urban treehouse!

Some super cool campers because I’m ready for summer and outdoor adventures!

2 thoughts on “Friday Funday!

  1. Sharon

    Sounds like a wonderful plan. What is it with toddlers and brooms, Dustin had a thing for them too 🙂

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