16 Months

I won’t do these monthly posts forever (probably stop at 2), but considering all of the little changes that can occur in just a month, it’s fun to keep track of for now.


While Phoebe has always liked talking/babbling, it seems like her language and communication skills have exploded this past month. She tries to repeat everything and will go back and forth with you while she attempts to voice what she is seeing.  She loves to point out things around her and is always eager to learn new words. We’ve also learned that there are certain words we have to be careful about mentioning like breakfast or dinner… or anything relating to food unless you have food ready to give her because she does not like waiting.


Along with mimicking words and gestures (like blowing kisses), Phoebe is also big on doing things herself, or at the very least giving it a first class effort.  She especially likes to put her socks and shoes on by herself… the only problem being that she hasn’t exactly got the dexterity to do that yet. Needless to say, things can be frustrating for her as she tries to get her fingers to do what she wants them to.


She still has her nuk, but we’re hoping to do things differently with her than with Enzo.  We hope to phase out Enzo’s nuk soon (our counselor/therapist said we should wait a bit) and when we get rid of his, we are going to severely limit Phoebe’s nuk use or get rid of it entirely. As for sleep… well, as of now she is currently in her bed maybe 3 hours a night, sometimes more. We’re still in the habit of pretty much giving up once she starts crying around 11ish or so and just bringing her to bed with us so we can immediately go back to sleep.  I wish I had blogged more with Enzo so I could remember if this was a phase or not.


We all love our lady and her silly grin and winning personality.