There’s a new man in my life…

So, there’s a new man in my life. Not only does he mostly keep to himself, but he’s a smooth talker and really tidy. Plus, Josh likes him too. It’s a win-win! Let me introduce you to Walter.


We felt like we had to give him a name… it didn’t feel right to just call him the Roomba. Oh yeah, and he’s named after this Walter (from Fringe):

We had no intentions of getting a Roomba, but a trip to Costco had us thinking about it and then considering it for a day or two before jumping in. We don’t have a huge house, but it’s big enough that with two kids and two cats and two full time jobs we don’t necessarily have a ton of time to clean as regularly as we (okay, I) would like. It’s to a point where we hardly go downstairs except to use our offices. To be fair, it’s also really cold down there, which is why we got an electric fireplace, but I still didn’t like the kids playing down there with the excessive amounts of cat hair and cat litter that inevitably gets tracked around by them. I could easily spend all my free time sweeping and vacuuming, but I don’t want to, so the idea of having a little helper to tackle the downstairs sweeping/vacuuming on a regular basis sounded kind of awesome. Think of the time I’d save! Plus, we’ll use the downstairs family room more often! Hooray!


I did a thorough sweeping/vacuuming while it was charging overnight so we wouldn’t terrify Walter his first time around the room with the mountains of cat hair and other detritus, and we patiently waited for his maiden voyage.  Overall?  He’s kind of awesome.  We were worried about two shedding cats and an oddly shaped room, but so far we’ve been super happy and I love not stepping on random bits of cat litter in my bare feet.  It’s also not nearly as loud as I thought it would be.  I’m thinking our little robot buddy was absolutely worth the price.


2 thoughts on “There’s a new man in my life…

  1. Sharon

    One of the lady’s I worked with at Prudential had one, I can’t remember what they named theirs but she loved him as well. I think they are definitely worth it, what I wouldn’t have given to have one with all of our pets.

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