Friday Funday!

As far as I can tell we’re in for a fairly low-key weekend. The temperature is slowly rising, but there’s a lot to do around the house (boring house-keeping type stuff) so we’ll most likely stay in.  Would you believe we only just recently ventured into fort making with the kids?


I’m not sure why we haven’t done it before, but I think we owe the kids a really spectacular fort to make up for not showing them the joys of forts sooner.


Plus, with my need to have blankets everywhere, we should be able to build the fort of all forts with a little ingenuity.  It shall be glorious!


Anyhoo, how about some recent fun/interesting links for your Friday?

New guidelines on how much sleep you should get.

19 frustrating things kids today will never get to experience.

I will probably never declutter my house either (even if I’d like to).

I see 34, and I definitely do not wear yellow.

And in case you’ve been living in a box.  Who wants to babysit opening weekend?


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