New Look!

You may (or may not) have noticed that I have a new banner!  I’m excited about it, and no, I did not draw it myself. I can’t draw to save my life and I think have lost every single game of Pictionary I’ve ever played.  I’m that bad at drawing. So, I have Jenny from Candy Face Creative to thank for my banner and fun schtuff!  She has a really cute Etsy shop with cards and custom portraits and other sweet print offerings.

I just felt it was time for something a little more fun that reflected me/us better since blogging has become a fun little hobby that I enjoy.  I’ve always liked journaling and since my memory is horrible right now, it’s nice to have an easy way to go back in time to remember a moment or where we went that one time.  I’ve also enjoyed connecting with new people from various places.  I’m an introvert so meeting people and actually making friends will never be an easy task for me, so it’s nice that the internet has made it very easy to find others with similar interests who in turn become acquaintances I might never have had the pleasure of coming in contact with otherwise.

Anyhoo, thanks to everyone for liking the new Facebook page as well!  I just thought it would be nice to keep the blog posts separate from my personal page… because.  I don’t expect to get hundreds and hundreds of followers, but it’s nice to separate the two so I can keep some things private and share other things more freely.


One thought on “New Look!

  1. Liz @ LovePenelopen

    I love the drawing super cute! Agreed, I’m an introvert as well but I find many bloggers are…I think that’s why we all take to writing so well. It’s been fun to find other people who have the same interests and connect for sure!

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