Year In Review

It’s no surprise that last year pretty much revolved around thing… or rather, one person. We took a spontaneous trip to New Ulm for New Year’s last year and then pretty much prepared for the little man’s arrival.

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We have managed to take Enzo to the Biggest Ball of Twine when he was only a few weeks old, and he’s joined us at a few wineries as well. My only excuse for not getting out and doing more with him is that it was a really hot summer (and he’s a little heater), we live in the middle of nowhere and it takes a good 45 minutes or more to really get anywhere, and we’re new parents… it’s a pain to pack up everything and since Enzo spends a good hour and a half in his car seat almost every day… he really doesn’t want to spend time in it on the weekends.

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This next year (once it warms up) I’m sure we’ll get out more often, though, since once we do arrive, generally Enzo is really glad to people watch and hang out.  He loves getting to sit in shopping carts now and is pretty good in his stroller if we’re at the mall, as long as he gets to stretch now and then.

Other notable things for us this year were getting a new bedroom set and new desks for the office, which I realized I never took pictures of… maybe when it’s not a mess. 😉


Enzo also got to go on his first airplane ride, and we (I) learned just how much stuff we actually need to pack for a trip away from home with baby vs. what we actually brought with us.  Oh the insanity.  Next time we’ll be much more organized.

It’s been a good year overall, but has gone by far too quickly.  Now, we’ll just look forward to warmer weather when we can get out and do more.  This lady his major cabin fever.

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Happy New Year!

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