Critter Visitor!

We had a surprise critter visitor this week, which was kind of fun.  Josh was in the office and was pulling back the curtains on the window when he was greeted by this guy:


A muskrat!  We were kind of excited because we’ve never seen one up close before, and he’s really bigger then he looks in the photo.  He was just hanging out and digging around in the grass and snow.


They have such big thick tails and claws… I never knew that.  We kept an eye on him for a while as he slowly made his way around the yard, then decided to take a nap, which was really cute.  While a muskrat may not seem cute… wait until you see one curl up in a ball in the sun.  We kind of both wanted to go outside and squish him.


I did manage to sneak outside and grab a quick photo… curse the zoom on my lens for not going further!  New lens time perhaps? 😉

Alas, the UPS man showed up while he was napping and scared the bejesus out of him, so he hid in a corner for a bit and the next time I looked for him he was gone.

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