You Are One

It seems like this little boy of our changes and develops on a daily basis. Leading up to his first birthday, he definitely began acting older and during one week I felt as though I could see a definite change in my wee man.


There are so many things about his personality that make me laugh, and unfortunately for me, he has a smile that is going to allow him to get away with way more than he should.  All he has to do is give me that sly little grin when I’m frustrated and tired after a tantrum/etc. and I completely melt.

I love how he wants Mama in the morning, but unfortunately I’m usually running around trying to get our stuff ready so we can get out the door, so while Josh gets him dressed, I peek in and usually get first smiles of the day.


Right now Enzo enjoys sharing, but also finds the “fake” share to be rather amusing as well.  He’ll pretend he’s going to give you something, just to whip it back really quick. Ha ha.

Along with clapping and giving high-fives, Enzo likes to use his hands to lead us around.  He’ll point at things he wants to see or have, and while this can lead to frustrations when it’s something he can’t have, it’s fun to see him learning to communicate.


As for walking, we’re almost there. Each day he takes more and more steps and he just learned how to pivot his foot so that he can turn around.  This is also good news because it’ll be nicer when we’re outside and he doesn’t have to crawl through dirt. 😉  He and the cats have been very excited about the warmer weather and some days Enzo gets to the back door before the cats do. They’re all as happy as clams when we hang out on the deck.


One will be a good year.

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