3 Weeks

It’s amazing how quickly three weeks can pass.  The first week passes so fast simply because a couple of those days are spent in the hospital and then you have the various doctors appointments, then the second week we had my mom here, which was a big help especially with Enzo being home for a great deal of that time since day care was closed for Thanksgiving.


We’re so happy to have Miss Phoebe here, but it’s amazing how different having a baby is when you already have a toddler under the age of 2. While Enzo loves to give his baby sister kisses and bring her nuk whenever she cries, he is also very much going through a bit of a regression.  He takes her bottles, has become very dependent on his nuk lately, wants to be held almost constantly, and has been throwing more tantrums than usual.  He hasn’t been very happy with me lately – probably because I’m the main person feeding her and for the first few weeks my time was mostly spent nursing, supplementing and pumping for the baby, so there has been some jealousy.  At the very least, he’s attached to Josh for the most part, but that isn’t always a good thing if Josh needs to step away.


Hopefully over the next couple of weeks things will settle down and Enzo will get used to our new addition.  With luck we can come up with some kind of new routine by the time I head back to work so that we can both spend more equal amounts of time with him as well (if he wants to that is).  I admit it’s hard when he cries and I go to hold him and he says, “No, Daddy.” I guess I can’t blame him, though… his world has been turned upside down and Mama does spend a tad more time with the new gal rather than her little boy.


That being said, I’m also still trying to get our little miss used to taking naps in her crib.  So far she really only sleeps well when being held or nuzzled up against me at night.  Obviously not something we can keep up long term since she’ll be in day care in three weeks, though.