39 Weeks

On 11/12/13 I would have been 39 Weeks pregnant,  however,  baby girl had other plans in mind.  Unlike her brother,  she would be a tad early and arrive in an entirely different fashion.


It was around 7:00pm on Monday night when I started feeling cramping and lost my mucous plug.  Sorry if that’s TMI. I knew that it could mean labor could start soon,  or still hold out for another week or so,  so I didn’t think too much of it,  but let Josh know and tried to prepare a few things.  We stuck to our normal routine and by 8:30 we were hanging out in bed and decided to watch something.  It was around 9:00 when the contractions hit,  though I figured as with Enzo, we’d have a while before anything really happened.

This time it was different,  though.  The contractions went from 10 minutes to 8 minutes pretty fast and then before we knew it,  we hit 4 minutes apart and they were getting more and more intense. This was not going to be like Enzo’s birth with a slow and steady increase over time.  Josh quickly started getting our things together and I attempted to help in between contractions,  while he let his sister know we’d be dropping off Enzo sooner than expected.  The little man was slightly disoriented, but mostly asleep as we all bundled up and headed out to the car sometime after midnight.


We weren’t even halfway to Josh’s sister’s house before we had to change plans. .. my water broke in the car.  I remember telling Josh it had happened, but was mostly concerned about the upholstery. 😉 The plan was now to just get to the hospital and Leah would meet us there.  It was the longest drive ever,  even though Josh was speeding big time and every bump was torture as the contractions got more intense and closer together.  Josh kept apologizing for every bump until I yelled at him to stop apologizing.  Ha ha.


We finally arrived and even though Enzo was wide awake,  he was quiet as a mouse,  taking it all in.  We were hit with our first roadblock when the elevators weren’t working,  however, so there I was leaning over a chair while Josh held Enzo and the security guard attempted to do something as slowly as possible and then proceeded to tell me to “get in” mid contraction.  Thanks,  Guy. We were rushed pretty quickly to a room and while I waited for Josh’s sister and the tub to fill the nurses and my midwife got ready.  It was all happening a lot faster than I anticipated and I was definitely taken off guard.  Leah arrived and Enzo said ” Buh bye,  Mama” and before I knew it I was 8cm dilated and getting moved to the tub.

I’m so glad I got the water birth I had wanted to have with Enzo. The warm water felt so good, even though I wouldn’t be in it for long.  Within about an hour of arriving I was ready to push and suddenly it was over.  Our precious girl was here, born at 2:18 am and weighing just 6 pounds and 11 ounces.  I’m still shocked that it only took about 5 and a half hours, which I definitely prefer over 38 hours. 😉  It was everything I could have hoped it would be.


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