3 Years Ago…

3 Years ago (tomorrow) we welcomed our little Phoebe into the world and oh how we love this girl.


Where to even begin?  I like to have these so I can look back and remember the little things, so here we go…

You love everything pink.  If we color, you generally always grab the pink crayon, marker, or pencil first. If I’m coloring with you, I usually have to run my color choices by you first as well. Is blue okay? No. Use dark pink.

You are still a snuggler and I kind of love it. I also love how even though you’re 3 you’ll still fall asleep in the carrier or if you’re tired enough… pretty much anywhere.



You’re adventurous and fearless, and even though you don’t always love rides right away, you still insist on going. Chances are, if your brother is doing something, you are going to be right behind him. You are such a fan of your big brother and (sometimes to his chagrin) always want to be where he is.



Along with the color pink, you love dressing up and playing with jewelry, doing your makeup, wearing fluffy skirts, playing with dolls and ponies, but also enjoy your share of trucks, cars and Ninja Turtles. You were thrilled when Enzo gave you his too-small TMNT hoodie.

You also love shopping and are always up for a trip to Target or the mall with me. It’s possibly you may love shopping even more than I do.  You are starting to become a little sassy and are trying to break glass with your shrieks of disdain lately, but I think we’ll keep you.



You have a great sense of humor, and take after your dad when it comes to goofiness. You like to take off your sock in the van, put in on your hand and use it to say, “Hello, Enzo!” in what is your Sock Puppet Voice. It’s kind of awesome.  You also like to yell things like, “Hey Daddy!  Come see my stinky poop!”


You are a strong independent woman and I can’t wait to see who you become.