Hello, It’s Me…

Funny how I didn’t really pick up my camera at all this week or last and just forgot to post anything last week, so all pictures from this post will not be recent.  It’s that time of year when everything is just crazy and I start to hibernate more and find it harder to motivate myself to do anything but read, cuddle, and watch Netflix. Have you watched The Crown, by the way?  I’m thoroughly enjoying it right now.

The kids started a new preschool this morning, and I won’t lie, I felt my eyes get wet as I watched the uncertainty in Enzo’s face and knew exactly how he felt from my own experiences as a kid starting new schools and feeling so overwhelmed by change.  I’m really hoping that when I go to pick them up I’ll hear only good things. I so want this to work out for both of them since the ideal situation (which would be me staying at home and him going to preschool part-time and Phoebe going next year) just isn’t feasible right now.

So, there’s a lot going on right now and I’m trying to prioritize how I see fit, which means less time blogging and doing a lot of things and trying to focus more on parenting and being with my kiddos and just figuring a few things out and how to make it all happen, you know?  Ideally, by this time next year I will be at home with the kids most of the time (Enzo will be in Kindergarten this time next year) maybe working part-time, and we’d be headed to our little cabin for the week up north (the plan is to get a cabin up north).  Now to just make it all happen, right?

In the meantime, how  about a few pictures from the zoo from a few weeks ago?  I imagine we’ll be there fairly often this winter when we want to go warm up in the Tropics Trail. 😉