Pretty In Pink

Who would have thought we’d be surrounded by so much pink and that it would actually grow on me?  While we didn’t use much pink in Phoebe’s room decor, most little girl items are pink, and while at first we tried to avoid it, I have willingly given in.


When we found out we were expecting #2, I admit I really wanted a second boy.  Boys were familiar and I figured it would be easier to just have boys and nice for Enzo to have a brother, but I should have known better.  Josh and I had talked about our future family long before it was an actual thing, and we had always talked about having a boy and a girl – not that you can really choose these things, but that’s what we saw in our future. So, it really wasn’t a surprise when we found out Phoebe was a girl, and we had her name picked out since before we knew Enzo was a boy… it had just been waiting for it’s recipient.


Our lovely little girl.  It’s a strange feeling that probably only a mother can understand, but as soon as I saw her I felt like I already knew her… and to an extent I did – I had carried her for 9 months after all.  I love watching her every day, though, and wondering how she will change.  The physical differences are already apparent when comparing her to Enzo’s baby photos, so I’m curious to see how much more she’ll change and who she’ll favor.  I’m also wondering if she’ll be as happy of a baby as Enzo was and whether or not she’ll follow in her rowdy brother’s footsteps or be more of the quiet mouse I imagined.


Either way, I’m glad these two will have each other.  I was lucky to have both a sister and a brother, and I can already see how much Enzo loves his baby sister.  He gives her sweet little kisses and always wants to know where she is and what she’s doing.  The other night he insisted that we all sit in his room together for stories before bed… even “Bee Bee,” which warmed my heart.  He normally just wants Mommy and Daddy, so last night when he specifically requested her when Josh tried to come in without her, it was a nice moment, and I got a glimpse of the nights to come as they grow older.  I know they won’t always get along, but at least I’ll always have these moments to remind them of. 😉