Just about over…

And just like that, almost 6 weeks is gone and it’s back to work I go on Monday morning. As you can probably guess, I’m not super excited about going back.  I know Phoebe will be well looked after at day care, but still… she’s so tiny and I know she won’t be held as often as I hold her during the day and I’ll miss those sleepy baby smiles.  Unlike Enzo, she’s a hard one to catch smiling on camera. 😉  Sassy little miss.


Most often she’s quite seriously taking in everything around her, or… sleeping.  It’s kind of nice that babies sleep so often at this age, especially since I’ve caught Enzo’s cold and have been rather tired and under the weather for about almost a week now.  I’m just glad it’s now rather than right as I start work, and I’m hoping that since Phoebe isn’t showing signs of illness yet, she won’t at all.  I’d hate for her to get sick so young, though, I know sending her to day care during the winter is risking it… not that we really have a choice in the matter.



I am hoping that things will settle down once we’re back into our old routine, or rather start a new routine. I know Enzo has always done better when things are done the same way each day, so hopefully over the next few weeks he’ll get back to his old happy self… or this is the terrible 2’s we’re entering and there’s simply no going back.  Don’t let this happy face fool you – he’s been a bit of a terror lately.


He’s still very attached to his pacifier and demands it all the time – as well as a number of things or else he melts into a crying puddle on the ground.  Offer him a sippy when he doesn’t want it?  Melt-down.  It’s tiresome, that’s for sure.  We’ve been trying to get him to bed earlier because we thought he might be sleep-deprived, but despite our best intentions he simply sits awake in bed until the usual time, so maybe sleep has nothing to do with it.  We’re also trying to have Josh take care of Phoebe a bit more giving me the chance to get Enzo ready in the morning or evening, but he often cries for Daddy and pushes me away at first.  Last night, I put my foot down and told him Daddy was feeding Phoebe so he was stuck with me, and he cried a bit at first, but I just stayed out of his reach and eventually he acted like nothing happened and was happy I was there.  Toddlers are exhausting.  I suppose we should have expected this since Enzo was such a easy and happy baby… we were bound to have a super emotional toddler.  We have discovered that he’s just really trying to be very independent right now, so we’ve been doing what we can to allow him to do things on his own – a stool so he can climb into his chair, and letting him walk down the stairs and out to the car on his own two feet.  I just hope these tantrums relax a bit in the future.