Big Girl Room: Take 1

Well, it seems like I can’t stop changing stuff in the house, and even though these pictures weren’t taken that long ago, they are now outdated as I’ve already moved stuff around in Phoebe’s room and will probably do so again.  As for Enzo’s room… well that time will probably come too.


So far Phoebe is loving her new big girl bed and I really like it as well.  The drawers are nice and with an extra mattress, it can also be a trundle bed too… however I’m not really sure where one is supposed to store said mattress.  As you can tell from the pictures there isn’t exactly room for it anywhere, so I don’t know what Ikea had in mind.


Enzo and Vega also like Phoebe’s new bed.  We’re still working on storage issues and toy placement, but this brown cube shelf is gone and now I just need to either get rid of some toys or figure out a better method of storing them. I think our real problem is too many large toys and also the fact that Phoebe forgets there are toys anywhere she can’t immediately see, but Enzo is also that way so January will be filled with more rearranging and storage switching so that we can get a feel for what the kids actually play with and what can head out the door.


It’s probably just a good thing neither kid messes with cords or electrical outlets all that much because I have yet to figure out a good way to keep those from being in the way since the outlets seem to be in all the wrong places… that or we have way too many things that need to be plugged in. I have a thing with lights, though… it can’t be helped.


Ah, here’s a good example of something that is gone – the panda.  While Enzo has always been a fan of his giant bear, Phoebe never really bonded with her panda, so we gave it to a new home and she never even noticed it was missing.  In general the kids aren’t big on stuffed animals, so I think we’ll probably let more of those go. I bought too many before they were born and thought they’d enjoy them more than they actually do. Instead they have a select few dolls and animals that they really love, and for those I’m thinking one of those wall hammocks would work great and would definitely free up shelf space.


Now to go take updated pictures of what her room looks like now, or maybe I’ll wait until January since several rooms will have changed by then.