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Bowser… or Princess Peach?

I feel like we need to find a better way to figure out if Bowser (our Bearded Dragon) is truly male or female. We’ve checked a couple of times, but the flashlight method requires a brighter flashlight, I think.  So… that..  Haha. I really need to take some updated photos to show just how much our little dragon has grown because he (we’ll just keep going with that for now) has been eating a ton and shedding quite a lot.  You can kind of see how much he’s grown when you compare the first pictures with the ones I have from a couple of weeks ago.

Seriously, who knew a lizard could be so cute?  I love when it’s night time and you can open up his tank – so much easier now with his upgraded pad – and give him a little pet between the eyes and he just blissfully closes them.  Haha. Sleeping dragons are adorable, by the way.

I think we’ll hold off on any other pets for now what with how much time it takes to feed and take care of the ones we have already.  Time to really start looking for that house on some acreage, I suppose.

Photo Dump – Tea Parties, Dragons and More!

I have so many random photos from the past few weeks/months, so it feels like the perfect time to do another photo dump and figure out just where all my time has been going and because I wanted to save the pictures for reasons, but then they somehow never made it into a blog post, so here we go!

Can’t say that a book makes a very good pillow, but you know…

Not gonna lie, we’ve had a LOT of ice cream so far this summer.

Finally Josh joined us at the zoo!  Haha!

Playground break during carnival fun!

Phoebe had a picnic for her stuffed animals, and I included their names so no one is confused as to who is who.

Can’t have too many Bowser pictures, right?  He’s slowly growing!

The first and last time he held Bowser.  They get a little freaked out by his tiny claws.

Feed me, Hooman!

Best kitty ever.

Sleepy boy.

Before our pancakes were cooked.

Love when they bring me home colorful art!

He really is the best cat…

This one, however, is very naughty. 😉

The other reason for this photo dump is because I’ve just been really busy and distracted by other things.  Time to settle down and create a schedule for myself again, methinks!

Week in Review – Pulled Teeth and Rain

Happy Monday!

Linking up with Meghan from Clean Eats, Fast Feets for another Week in Review!

The week started out not too shabby.  Monday was nice and I worked from home, which is nice because I also have more time to get Bowser out so he can explore.

It’s also nice because I finish up work before the kids get home with Josh and it leaves me some time to pick up a few things and even put my feet up sometimes!

Tuesday, however, got off to a rocky start when we found out at the dentist that Phoebe had an abscess above one of her front teeth and the tooth needed to be pulled.  In my wisdom I said sure, let’s just do it today so we don’t have to set up another appointment… well, Phoebe did great. Really great. I ended up with my head between my knees trying not to pass out. Not at all embarrassing.

Not surprisingly, Phoebe asked to go home after the procedure was done and I obliged.  I already had my work laptop with me, and as I assumed she just wanted to lie down in bed and watch some TV, so I was able to get some work done.

Well, some work. My laptop also decided it need lots of time consuming updates. It really never fails.  Ever. My computer really just hates me.

Uzi was quite happy to be snuggled between both of us, however, so at least I had a purring cat to pet while waiting for technology to sort itself out.

Lunch and then a new hairdo for me courtesy of Phoebe.

She was even feeling so well later on that afternoon, that we made some banana bread to surprise the boys with when they got home.

Had some rough nights with Enzo going to sleep, but had some decent mornings, so there’s that?

Other than that, we went to the zoo on Saturday (even though it ended up being windy and a little chilly and the rain started earlier than expected).  Lots of dragon pictures as usual and planning out his new tank… still haven’t entirely decided, though.

I hope everyone had a fantastic week!