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Father, Dad, Papa… you get the idea.

I woke up unusually invigorated and chipper this morning.  I remember at some point last night I woke up in Phoebe’s bed and she wanted to switch to our bed, so this morning I woke up with little toes burrowed into my side and the sound of Josh already in the living room with Enzo who decided to wake up early today. I don’t think Josh was amused by all of our unexplainable energy. Maybe (just maybe) I’ll let him sleep in a bit on Sunday since it is Father’s Day after all. And because of that, I thought I’d throw a little love his way.


Dear Josh,

While it may be annoying that the kids probably think of you as the fun parent, I appreciate so much that you are fun with our kids.  It’s the moments where you all play silly games together that they will look back on one day.  Even when they are teenagers and think you are so embarrassing and we all try to pretend we don’t know you, they (and me) will always be grateful for your sense of humor and fun loving spirit.


Your super awesome and humble wife.



Through the ups and downs, we’ve been a fairly decent team when it comes to parenting and I’m glad to have you as my partner in this whole raising kids thing. You’re the yin to my yang and the peanut butter to my jelly… or maybe the frosting to my cupcake. Either way, you’re necessary and together we made some pretty adorable kiddos who think you’re pretty awesome too.


Last, but certainly not least, a thank you to my own dad who gifted me my first camera and instilled in me a sense of wanderlust and appreciation for the beauty that is all around us.  Some of my favorite memories will always be of waking up early to go on explorations and long drives.


Today you are 4.

And just like that, we have a 4 year old. Gone is my baby with the chipmunk cheeks, but he still has his blue eyes, a dimple, and a laugh that is just as infectious as ever.

Where to begin?  Our boy is growing up, which is terribly obvious, but sometimes is so easy to forget and admittedly to try and ignore. He’s becoming his own person more and more each day, which is probably why there won’t be as many pictures of him on the blog either. More often he has requested that I not take his picture, so I will respect that.  I still manage to take photos here and there, but if he specifically asks me not to, down goes the camera.  It’s actually a good reminder to be more present, which I sometimes forget to be.


I am loving the independence of our 4 year old. For the most part he dresses himself and if he doesn’t like what clothes we’ve picked out, he’ll request a change.  I like seeing what he’s in the mood for and we’re going to go shoe shopping as he noticed his sister has a lot more shoes than he does and he would like more options as well. Fair enough!


As far as interests go, he still loves books and is working on learning how to read. His favorite shows are Power Rangers (any incarnation), Paw Patrol, Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles, and Sonic the Hedgehog. As far as movies go, he loves Disney and right now his favorites seem to be Jungle Book and Beauty and the Beast (he finds the ending when the household fights off the village to be hilarious).  He is really into Legos and anything he can build with.


His imagination is fantastic and he has his own little worlds and stories that he acts out with his toys. While he really likes it when he has someone to play with, he also enjoys playing on his own just as much.  Much like his dad, he could spend endless amounts of time playing video games, but we’ve been limiting him.  His favorites are Disney Infinity and Skylanders on the TV, but he loves Angry Birds on his Kindle as well as some really great learning apps. Thanks to the warm weather, he’d rather be outside and has hardly picked up his Kindle at all lately.


Most importantly, we have such fun with our Enzo. He has a wonderful sense of humor and picks up things so quickly. He is a caring older brother and always looks out for his sister. He has a dimple and a smile that go straight to my heart (and he absolutely knows it!!) which often causes me to cave and give into little requests like just one more book or one tiny piece of candy before breakfast.  We love you, Enzo!








What no one ever prepared me for…

Before Enzo was born we did what we could to prepare for his arrival.  You could easily find everything an infant could possibly need or want and plan for every possible scenario you read online while frantically wondering if you would be a good parent to your baby.  Books and online forums can tell you a lot about what you can maybe expect when your baby arrives, but since all babies are different this information can all be very hit or miss.  There are, however, so many things a book can’t possibly prepare you for.


I knew I’d be tired, but didn’t realize that sleep would probably never be what it was before kids. I foolishly thought that one day they’d just start sleeping on their own and that would be that.  Maybe it will… Enzo is only 3 after all, but for now a solid night’s rest is like a mirage in the desert.  Sleep deprivation can cause loss of brain function and irritability and there are days when I feel like the worst mom ever because I have zero patience and get angry with my kids for… well, probably just being kids.  It’s easy to feel overwhelmed when you have one child crying and whining (probably because they are tired or hungry and you misjudged just how much) and the other is screaming and throwing a tantrum, all while you’re trying to get them food or something else of equal importance. I’m definitely guilty of yelling at my kids at these moments, and not losing my temper is something I have to work on.  I never could have prepared myself for how drained I’d feel at times and when you’re a parent – you’re always a parent. That doesn’t stop when you feel sick mentally or physically.  It can be hard to always be calm, cool and collected.


I could go on about some of the negative things books don’t prepare you for, like how it’s not just getting peed on during diaper changes you have to watch out for or just how hurt you’ll feel the first time you’re “Mommy-shamed” for something ridiculous, but I won’t.  Instead I’ll tell you about the great things no one can truly prepare you for like the swelling in your heart that happens when your kids light up when you enter a room and they smile just for you, or when your significant other cradles your newborn or soothes a fussy baby/toddler.  How your preschooler might tantrum and is difficult to a point where you just want to throw your hands up in the air, but then they give you a huge hug and tell you you’re their best friend.  You’ll gladly put off pretty much anything for a good snuggle and even after a bad day you’ll ask for time to stand still while you watch your quickly growing babe sleep.


I may still be uncertain about who I am and what I want at times, but I do know that my kids are making me a better person.  They’ve altered my priorities and goals somewhat, and sometimes make attaining certain things more difficult, but we could all use a challenge now and then, right?   Though it might feel like they challenge me every day, they are challenging me to be the best parent/mom/person I can be, and I do greatly appreciate that.

5 Years

Well, 5 years ago today Josh and I were married in probably one of the shortest ceremonies ever (that’s just how we roll).  It’s been an interesting 5 years, to the say the least.  We’ve moved twice (which is actually an improvement considering how many times we’ve moved together since meeting), and our family has doubled in size.  Its cliché, but the whole roller coaster analogy is an accurate one.  We’ve had ups and downs, but that’s to be expected – marriage and parenting can take a lot of work at times.  It’s always easier getting through the down times when I consider the up times, though.  I suppose it’s only fitting that Josh and I will be spending our anniversary acting like kids and riding all the rides at Valley Fair if the weather cooperates… if not, we will still attempt to do something fun.

If we were going to be more mature, however, the interwebs tells me that the traditional 5 year gift is Wood (insert inappropriate jokes here) or the modern gift is… silverware.  Seriously?  Apparently the colors associated with 5 years are blue, pink or turquoise and the flower is a daisy, so do with that what you will.

If we were tremendously cheesy and sappy we would plant a tree together this year such as an oak to represent solidity or a pine tree to represent “the evergreen character of our love for one another” while toasting one another “with hope that our love continues to grow and prosper like the trees around you.” Excuse me while I snort into my coffee.  No offense to those who actually think this is a good idea.

As for gift suggestions, I already know he’s going to like what I got, but apparently I was way off the mark.  I should have gotten something like a magazine subscription or wooden baskets or a curio cabinet (well, perhaps for his action figures this could be okay) or better yet a “framed share of stock in a major company that has meaning to the both of you.”  Well, I suppose we could buy stock in Lego or Playstation…

In any event, despite our differences and the everyday stresses that being really awesome brings, I think we’re a good team.  We’re not a perfect one, but we work well together and our differences often create a necessary balance when it comes to raising two very opinionated, very strong-willed, very awesome kids.  In order not to be overthrown by our tiny dictators, we have learned a lot about ourselves and each other and I’m glad I have my current partner.  He puts up with my stress induced craziness and I put up with his really bad memory and snoring.

2014-12-13 15.59.30

In all seriousness, though – I look forward to the years to come and what adventures lie ahead for our nerdy family.

3 Years Old

It’s hard to believe that today our Enzo is 3 years old.  How is it that so much time can pass in the blink of an eye?  I know every mom says that, but it’s oh so very true.  I will never forget the day I became a mom and the moment he was put in my arms.  No one can prepare you for the moment you first hold your child and see the face you’ve been picturing in your mind for so long.  They feel like old friends and you experience the kind of overwhelming love that only a parent can understand.  It’s safe to say that our son’s arrival was one of the best days of my life (and one of the most difficult).  I will forever remember his squishy cheeks and how we laughed when we realized he wouldn’t fit into his going home outfit because he was too big for it.



You are strong-willed and spirited, and because of this I know you will be successful in whatever you choose to do one day.  You don’t take no for an answer, which is often exasperating at this stage in your life, but one day this persistence will pay off.  You’re a risk taker, but also cautious and know your limits.  You’re determined and fairly independent, which is quite nice when you decide to wake up early and turn on the lights and play by yourself while letting your parents sleep in.


You’re clever and curious and also very observant.  You often catch things that others around you don’t, and I know I can count on your keen eye to spot bald eagles or other fun things when we’re in the car together.  Maybe one day we’ll finally see that elephant you’re always looking for. In the meantime, your imagination is big and we love listening to the games you come up with as well as the stories you tell.


One of your most endearing qualities is how much you care about your little sister. You don’t like to see her sad and (usually) like to lend your assistance in taking care of her, especially during day care drop off when you make sure she sits down to eat her food.  You like to read to her and include her in your games (even when she isn’t always as cooperative as you’d like).  You are nurturing and sweet and take such good care of her and your animal friends.


You are mischievous with a naughty laugh and a grin with the cutest dimple and you’ve already discovered that your parents will often cave if you’re being ridiculously cute.  This will sometimes earn you extra snuggle time in front of the TV when you should be sleeping and extra treats that we share in secret.  I hope we’ll always have these special stolen moments, even when you’re much too cool to hang out with your mom and watch things like Downton Abbey with her.  Love you, Stinker!