I started filling this out earlier in the day, but as the day has progressed I’m going to have to give the day and perhaps January the following rating:

Reading… Mr. Mercedes, The Book of Speculation, Raising Your Spirited Child

Watching… The OA, Moana videos over and over per the kids

Listening to… Moana soundtrack… over and over per the kids

Drinking… Way too much coffee. I think it’s time to cut back and drink more tea and water.

Eating… All of the comfort foods, especially Banana Bread when I make the time to actually make it.

Planning… Our Spring road trip!!

Feeling… A mix of emotions. I don’t necessarily feel unmotivated, but I feel like I have energy that I don’t know what to do with.  I don’t know what exactly I want to be doing, and can’t seem to stay focused on much. Reading I can do, though, so I do a lot of that.

Exercising… Yeah, one of these days when I have time and motivation.

Loving… My new office switch-up. I’m sure I’ll love it even more once I get everything where it needs to be.

Thankful… That the kids have been doing really good at their new preschool, but also glad that insurance agreed to approve Enzo’s Occupational Therapy.  He’s excited about it and I’m hoping it’ll help us all.

Stressed… Because our car is dead. Now to talk to our dealership and see what deal they can work out with us because we still owed money on our 5-year-old car.  A total freak thing random thing. Not sure what’s up with our recent run of bad luck…

Trying… To remain optimistic. There must be a silver lining in this.

Wish us luck on the car front and Happy Weekend all!