Day in the Life – The Abnormal Edition

It’s time for the Winter Edition of a Day in the Life!  I decided to take pictures on the weekend (as usual), however, this round ended up on a weekend that was fairly atypical. I also only took photos with my phone, so we’ll see how those turned out.


Josh – 37
Heather – 34
Enzo – 4 years, 9 months
Phoebe – 3 years, 2 months
Ziggy – 14
Uzi – 12
Vega – 1

There wasn’t much sleeping in on Saturday (there rarely is), but I definitely could have used more sleep after overindulging a tad the night before at my company’s holiday party. Whoops!  Right away Phoebe asked for hot chocolate and wanted to try out her pink hot chocolate that she got in her stocking. It was neither pink or very good.

Rather than immediately reaching for coffee, I grabbed a Green Machine from the fridge.  The kids were watching some television since it was early yet, so I took the opportunity to do a little reading as well.

I slowly started to feel more normal and got up to make coffee… or maybe Josh did and I finally decided to just go grab some?  Either way, I tripped over a cat or two and finally got some coffee.

It also apparently went from really dark to really light outside. Anyhoo… I knew we didn’t have a lot planned for the day and just one or two things that I wanted to accomplish before I left the house at 3:00 that afternoon.  I figured we would just hang out and see how things went.

I figured I should get at least one picture of myself during today’s randomness, so thank you, Phoebe for making it a good one. 😉

At one point I heard giggling and looked in the kitchen to see that the kids had come up with some sort of game where Phoebe pushed Enzo around on his chair and they both thought it was fairly hysterical.

It’s all fun and games until someone gets hurt and I figured that eventually it would happen. Thankfully it wasn’t bad at all, but Enzo was done with the game after that.

At some point I decided that pizza for lunch was the way to go, so I pulled out the bread maker and our go-to easy pizza recipe.

While the bread maker did its thing, I put together a couple of shoe racks because our closet was a disaster area.  Mostly my fault, I know, but it was out of hand and I wanted to try and start getting it under control.  I suppose I should actually start using those weights and the yoga mat. 😀

I could actually use another one as some of my shoes are currently sitting in the entry way.  Hey, at least I got rid of a couple of pairs??

In the meantime, Josh was keeping the kiddos busy in the living room making a fun fort.

The living room has been extra messy thanks to the aftermath of Phoebe having lice.  Thankfully, though, we have plenty of blankets and probably could have turned the entire living room into a fort had we really wanted to.  Hmm… must try that next time.

Phoebe and I spent a little time playing with kinetic sand. I love this stuff!  I need to try one of those recipes I’ve seen online on how to make your own and see if it really works as well!

At some point the bread finished up and it was time to make pizza!  I went for Chicken Alfredo this time, which the kids didn’t even want to try. What???  Oh well, more for me!

As it neared 3:00, I started to pack up my overnight bags and random items I was going to take with me on my mini adventure.  I had decided to head north a few hours and Josh encouraged me to just get a hotel room and the next morning  would get up and drive around and look for wildlife.  Not everyone’s idea of a great time, but it’s something I’ve always enjoyed.

Everyone started to feel a little sleepy since it was after lunch – cats and kids alike. It definitely just felt like a sleepy kind of day for some reason. Cold days are always that way for me, though.

Before I knew it, it was time for me to hit the road!  This time of year it always feels so much later than it actually is and I already knew I’d be stopping for coffee at some point on my almost 3 hour drive.

However, about 20 minutes into my drive, I was off to a bad start.  I had a feeling I should have taken the van to begin with when the car didn’t want to start earlier. Josh figured it was because it was cold and hadn’t been started in a few days, but something seemed off to me and sure enough… suddenly the check engine light came on.

So… back home and I went and quickly shuffled stuff from the car to the van and set up the GPS again crossing my fingers that there wouldn’t be anymore unplanned stops.

Onward ho!  I love road trips, but admit that I prefer it more when I’m not driving myself.  Haha!  I get so bored. It wasn’t too bad, though when all was said and done.

I made it to the hotel nice and easy, so I figured I’d grab my stuff and hang out and watch crappy TV or HGTV since we don’t have cable, but I had one more glorious moment of “Oh Crap” when I went to grab my stuff out of the van.

See that empty spot?  That’s where the bag with my clothes should be. The bag with long johns and my hat and gloves and also little things like deodorant and makeup and stuff.  Apparently when I was in a hurry to switch vehicles I left that bag in the backseat of the car. YAY!  Thankfully there was a Walmart nearby that is open 24/7 so I was able to get some emergency long johns and warm weather gear for the next day and for fairly cheap.

Whereas the “Old” me would have probably gotten kind of upset over the turn of events of the day, the “New” me couldn’t help but laugh that of course I would forget that bag and was just really grateful I had a backup nearby. On to TV watching!  That got boring fast, though… there was nothing on. NOTHING, which is exactly why we don’t have cable anymore.

Thankfully I brought my planner and stickers so I could do that, and a book, of course.  Since I knew I’d be up early the next day, it was fairly early to bed (before 10:00) and that was Saturday!

I really need to work on taking notes throughout the day, but I always say that and then forget or get lazy. Oh well… pictures it is!


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  1. Jo

    Whoa, I love that you went on a little trip by yourself. My husband sometimes goes camping up north by himself, but I never allow myself those indulgences.

    1. Heather Shoberg Post author

      You should absolutely give yourself that time! I rarely do either and it’s so worth it. I’m a much better mom/wife when I do actually take the time for myself. 🙂

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