Currently… Friday!

Happy Friday!  The sun is finally shining and this makes me very happy.  We have a semi-busy weekend in the works, so hopefully we get a few things done while also enjoying some sunshine.

Spring Pretties

Currently :

Reading… A Darker Shade of Magic, 10 Days to a Less Defiant Child

Watching… Outlander, the Unbreakable Kimmy Schmidt, Supernatural, Catastrophe, Gilmore Girls (finishing up the last 2 seasons in preparation for the return!)

Listening to… The sound of my phone vibrating as Josh sends me updates of his impromptu day with Enzo (shots do not a happy boy make, so he begged to go home).

Drinking… La Croix Blackberry cucumber water. My new favorite flavor.

Eating… All of the leftover cake, and some salads thrown into the mix, but mostly cake.

Planning… We have lots of yardwork goals to complete this year and some house goals as well.

Celebrating… Josh getting a job. One tends to get frantic as the debt rises and rises.

Exercising… Mostly by walking and some weight lifting. Slowly getting into a groove, but let’s face it, it’s hard to work out when I just want to read.

Reminiscing… About when my newly turned 4 year old was a wee little baby.  I get sucked into all of the old photos and become rather nostalgic.

Loving… My latest haircut, especially the blunt bangs. I think I’ll keep them this way for a while, but still need to find the perfect color.

Also Loving… Doing my nails. I’m obsessed with those Jamberry wraps now.

Looking forward to… Some downtime this weekend, hopefully so I can play some Super Mario Maker.

Changing… The way we parent and really focusing on not raising our voices, making sure we praise more often (it can be so easy to take good behavior for granted), being more present and less distracted, and a few other things.

Sleeping… A lot more. I’m just a lot more tired than usual lately, and part of that could be due to the chilly, rainy, dreary weather we’ve had. I will clearly not be moving to Washington anytime soon. Although it could be too much sugar (see cake mentioned above).

Have a wonderful weekend!