Finally Friday

It’s been one of those weeks, if ya know what I mean. So far I’m the only one in our house who hasn’t caught the cold/cough going around, and I’m hoping to keep it that way.  Phoebe seems to finally be getting over it, but Enzo ended up with a nasty croupy sounding cough, but an oral steroid seemed to help.  He’s still not feeling well, though, and has had a few rough nights. Even Josh and I ended up passing out before 9:00pm last night. Anyhoo, tomorrow is supposed to be another fabulous day, but instead of going to the zoo like we did last weekend, we’re taking the kids swimming. Enzo has been asking repeatedly to go, so that is the plan. So, I get to shove my pasty white, jiggly winter body into a bathing suit tomorrow. Woot! The things you do for your kids, am I right?


He posed like this on his own when we were at the zoo a few weekends ago. He’s getting so big. We’ve had to get rid of a bunch of pants recently thanks to a growth spurt and lots of ripped knees. Phoebe was ecstatic that she inherited some of his too-small t-shirts, though, and was showing off Mickey to her day care teacher.  Anyhoo, have a wonderful weekend everyone!