The cat update you didn’t ask for…

Ziggy is… Ziggy. She’s been a tad irritable since we started rearranging the downstairs, but she’s been making more appearances upstairs and has let the kids give her a quick pet before sticking her tail nub in the air and trotting away.  She still tolerates Vega’s vigorous baths, though she is never happy about it.


Uzi is thankfully getting back to his old self again. He still has no interest in befriending Vega, but he’s been a lot happier with the warmer weather and getting out on the back deck. It’s actually the only place where he’s gone right up to Vega and sniffed her nose and not been annoyed with her. Could the deck be neutral ground???


Vega is very much a kitten.  The funny thing being that she weighs more than either adult cat and I think her weight throws her off when she tries to balance where she shouldn’t. We’re still working on training her to stop jumping on tables and counters, but that’s fairly standard cat behavior. One of her latest cat quirks is pretty funny, though.  Vega discovered that sometimes when we’re getting ice from the fridge, a stray piece will fall, and it is her new favorite thing. She now runs to the fridge if anyone is getting ice and waits expectantly for an ice cube to chase around. I’ve been switching to chips lately just so she’s more likely to get a piece. 😉


All in the all, everyone is getting along pretty well and the kids are pretty happy with the cats. Phoebe is still pretty wary of Vega, but has started trying to carry Uzi and give him hugs. He very patiently puts up with it, most likely because of treats.